Women Encouraged to Consider Careers in Construction

By on March 12, 2019

From Knox News:  There is a lot of great conversation happening in the country about how we can help more women break glass ceilings and close wage gaps. I worry, though, that too often we are still boxing our women and girls in by not doing more to encourage them to explore traditionally male-dominated fields.

Many fields present huge opportunities for women to find upward mobility, but as a society we still tend to think of them as too masculine or manual labor-intensive for women. We are selling our young women short. Case in point: construction.

Construction isn’t just nails and hammers, but a profession that allows you to work collaboratively with others and use skills in science, math and technology. We are an industry that is quickly evolving with innovation and technology, and a profession that offers chances to shape our communities – especially in the booming city of Nashville.

From trade work to business development to project management, there are numerous opportunities in construction, and the industry continuously needs new talent. It is my hope that, by talking about these boundless opportunities, more women will consider the industry’s benefits and enter the field.

When it comes to pay, while nationally women make 80.5 percent of what men make, women in construction earn on average 95.7 percent. While we may make up only a small percentage of the industry (9 percent total and 3 percent of the trade workforce), we are increasing in numbers.

From 1985 to 2007, the number of women employed in the industry grew 81.3 percent.As momentum grows and the need for construction employees on every level continues, there is a huge opportunity for women to excel.

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