What BIM Can Improve for Your Company

By on November 28, 2018

by Cyndi Walker, Golterman & Sabo

American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE) November Meeting Recap

Mr. Steve Faust of icon Mechanical shared with us all the virtues of using BIM to aid in estimating and to help ensure a project runs smoothly and successfully. Using BIM is one way to improve the process of building and Steve gave us many examples of the effects it can have for you.

After the presentation Mr. Drew Rausch of S.M. Wilson told me that, in the near future, if companies don’t incorporate using BIM they will become irrelevant.

Here are some of the reasons BIM can prevent your company from becoming irrelevant.

Starting the building process for a contractor/subcontractor company is an estimate.  BIM allows you to determine quantities quicker and get real quotes from your subcontractors and vendors.  It also allows you to turn around estimates and changes quickly.  It may even prevent change orders by alerting you to potential constructability issues you can share with the design team early in the project.

Sharing information and improving communication with others (design team, subcontractors, installers, etc.,) on the project is easy with BIM. That shared information can help avoid unforeseen issues and allow better coordination between differing trades to decrease trades interfering with each other on site.

BIM allows for prefabrication in a controlled atmosphere – reducing field labor (labor shortages are looming as tradesman age and younger people are not joining the trades), improving efficiency, quality and material management and, of course, creating a safer environment.

Visit with us on January 25, 2019 for the next chapter in information about BIM and how it can help your company.

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