VIDEO: Regionalism Series Prods Discussion, Introspection

By on May 14, 2018

Construction Forum STL’s 13-month examination of the true meaning of regional collaboration has given its audiences a deep dive into complex issues.

In December, Brookings Scholar David examined  what he termed, “communities of common interest.” These are collaborations formed by common issues that transcend geographic/political boundaries.

In March Dr. David Miller of the University of Pittsburgh told the program’s audience that regionalism isn’t about how many units of government you have: It’s about how the representatives of those units respect one another and work together (or not).

On June 15 Peter Goldmark who once headed the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey will speak. Thee Port Authority was the model for Bi-State development. For more information and to register, click here.

Here’s a video clip from David Miller’s presentation. In it, video producer Amanda Aschinger of Solstice Productions captures both Miller’s message and the audience’s insights.




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