VIDEO: McCarthy KIDstruction Event Features Special Connection

By on July 24, 2018
Last Thursday (July 19) McCarthy hosted 300 tradespersons for lunch  at the Washington University east campus site to promote the KIDstruction program for St. Louis Children’s Hospital.  
Matteo,  a past patient at Children’s told the workers of  his treatment at Children’s for Cystic Fibrosis. Scotty, an electrician for TD4 introduced himself to Matteo. He told the young man about his treatment at Children’s 50 years ago for a deformed arm. Scotty let Matteo know that he would make sure that all 50 TD4 electricians on site would each give at least the $1 an hour for 40 hours KIDstruction commitment.
In addition to McCarthy, PARIC, Clayo, Keeley, and S.M. Wilson have hosted, or will host, KIDstruction events.
KIDstruction Week is an opportunity for the St. Louis regional architectural, engineering and construction industries to join together to support St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s mission: “to do what’s right for kids.”

Participating companies offer their employees the opportunity to contribute $1, or more, via payroll deduction for each hour work they work during “St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s KIDstruction Week.” Participating companies are also encouraged to match their employees’ gifts at a percentage of their choosing, or make a lump sum donation to demonstrate their commitment to the cause.

Employees are also encouraged to engage in the new KIDstruction Week website, where they can make an online donation to support their company team, learn about fundraising progress of their company and others’ companies, and interact with special videos and links sharing the impact of donations.

Companies wishing to participate can contact Kathryn Lodes, senior partnership coordinator at
St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation, telephone 314.286.0976, email

KIDstruction has raised over $2 million in its seven-year history, including donations from over 3,000 individuals in the construction industry.

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