Video: “A Lifetime Love of Building” #YeahIBuiltThat

By on October 31, 2017

An animated video titled, “A Lifetime Love of Building” was completed this week. The video is the latest installment of the Construction Forum Education Foundation’s program to engage, support, and mentor young people toward fulfilling careers.

The video was produced by Solstice Productions. It will appear on the intro page to the CFEF’s new website

Amanda Aschinger, CEO of Solstice said the concept behind the video was to encapsulate in less than a minute  the journey that young people make from the creative desire to build that as very young children to fulfillment in construction as adults.

We realized that we needed to reach these young  people where they live,” Tom Finan, executive director of Construction Forum STL said. “They have never known a world without computers and personal devices. We had two rules in approaching this effort. First, be audacious. Go big, or stay on the porch; and second, Don’t be lame.”

Solstice Productions CEO Amanda Aschinger, a fourth generation member of the construction industry talked with young people, including her own son. After collaborating with the CFEF team, Solstice built branding for the effort around the reason that people in construction love what they do: being able to look at the tangible results of their efforts. The result was the tag,  “Yeah I Built That”.

The website will include resources, and will link to a “Yeah I Built That” YouTube channel. The first video for the site’s video channel, sponsored by icon Mechanical, features Sami a young female steamfitter. “It’s not like workin’ in a daycare,” Sami, who has attitude that Finan feels will resonate with young people, says at one point in the short video.

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