These are Some Technologies That Are Reshaping The Construction Process

By on April 14, 2019
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Editor’s Note: Construction is — according to a large body of research — one of the industries that could benefit most greatly from collaborative behavior and adoption of new technologies. It’s almost an understatement that construction is consistently at the bottom of the pile when it comes to collaboration and new technologies. But that situation is changing. Collaboration — in many cases facilitated by implementation of technologies that are new to construction but have been used in manufacturing and other economic sectors — are showing promise to automate and expedite the construction process. This article by Dakota Safety, a safety product specialist, does a good job of assessing some of the new technologies on the horizon. 

From Dakota Safety:Technology is changing the world. Almost every single thing we touch on a daily basis has been influenced by technology. Our cell phones, the tiny computers we keep in our pockets, have 100,000 times the speed of an early personal computer.

Our homes are “smart.” If someone rings our doorbell, we can see and talk to them from our desk at work. We can tell Alexa or Google Home to play music without lifting a finger, and we’ll have access to millions of songs.

Machines are predicted to take 800 million jobs by 2030. What people will do after machines have those jobs is another story for another article.

There is one industry in particular that’s known for its hard work, sweat, and manual labor. Working from sun up to sun down, getting dirty, getting tired, but getting the job done. When you picture the construction industry, I bet you don’t imagine a computer or any type of technology. I bet the first thing that pops into your head is a rugged construction worker wearing a construction hat, holding a hammer, covered in dust and dirt with a 5 o’clock shadow. There’s nothing technological about that.

Now the construction industry is embracing new, revolutionary technologies in the building side of things as well. Considered as the “final frontier” for technological breakthroughs, construction companies are joining the rest of the world in the new age of technology.

Autodesk Fosters Collaboration

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Autodesk calls itself the software company for people who make things. Sounds like a perfect fit for construction companies, right? Autodesk makes software that enables people to create everything from cars to houses to cities to your favorite summer blockbusters.

But that’s just the beginning.

They also make the technology that can talk to robots, 3D print the latest fashions, and even fold DNA. They claim to make the software for “tomorrow.”

Lately, they’ve been pushing the construction industry to come into tomorrow with them. Recently, they purchased a company called PlanGrid for a cool $875 million. At its core, PlanGrid helps people work together. It helps general contractors, subcontractors, and owners in commercial, heavy civil and other industries collaborate in real time on projects.

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