The ‘Midas’ Touch: How a St. Louis Hospitality Firm Checked Into Success

By on February 13, 2018

From St. Louis Business Journal:  For years, Midas Hospitality was one of the fastest growing companies that flew under the radar of many St. Louisans.

The Maryland Heights-based enterprise had built itself a niche in hospitality by developing and constructing hotels in the industry’s most underserved markets. Midas’ revenue has spiked 1,626 percent since 2006, reporting $79.4 million in 2017. Key to that is its willingness and ability to travel for jobs while maintaining low debt, co-founder and Manager J.T. Norville said. The company’s first eight years in business was spent hundreds of miles outside of St. Louis, developing hotels in Kentucky, Ohio and the Carolinas, among other states.

“That’s why nobody in St. Louis knew who we were,” co-founder, CEO and Manager David Robert said. “We were growing by leaps and bounds, but in 10 other states.”

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