Technology Brings Cost and Time Savings to the Construction Industry

By on September 7, 2018

From St. Louis Business Journal:  Blueprints and shop drawings are quickly being replaced with tablets and cloud-based data sharing software. Drones are flying over jobsites to track progress and gauge topography, while lasers scan interiors for any imperfections.

Technology has begun to revolutionize one of the world’s oldest trades. Some of the top design-build firms in the country are moving quickly to maximize the benefits, for both themselves and their clients. Virtual Design and Construction or (VDC), is being leveraged by general contractors to eliminate costly changes while improving the quality of the project through data gathering, data management and information sharing.

Developers who partner with VDC-focused general contractors are being rewarded with a final product that properly fits their needs, is built more quickly and is easier to maintain and manage. Andy Leek, the VP of Technology for PARIC — a construction company headquartered in St. Louis says, “the best firms know how to go from reality to the virtual world and back. We provide our clients with a true end-to-end solution.”

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