SIBA Awards Scholarships to Construction Students

By on December 29, 2015

The SIBA Education Committee met recently and selected the following candidates to receive an SIBA scholarship: Bradley Verdun from Edwardsville, IL; Trevor Langhauser from Highland, IL; Patrick Nelson from St. Louis, MO; Seth Langendorf from Edwardsville, IL; Alexandra Plocher from Highland, IL; Andrew Westerhold from Edwardsville, IL; Joseph Allscheid, Caseyville, IL; Blake Branz from O’Fallon, IL; Tyler Groom from Lebanon, IL; and Levi James from Mt. Carmel, IL.

SIBA solicits candidates for the SIBA Scholarships in the fall and requests that information be submitted by mid-November in order for the SIBA Education Committee to meet and make their selections.

To be eligible for an SIBA Scholarship. candidates must be pursuing a degree in the field of Construction Management / Construction Related Engineering / Architectural.

To obtain a complete list of requirements for the SIBA scholarships, please contact Donna at the SIBA office 618-624-9055.

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