Salute to Young Leaders: Dan Lester Sr.

By on March 5, 2019

Dan Lester Sr., Director of Field Diversity, Inclusion and Culture at Clayco was recently featured in The St. Louis American as part of their ‘Salute to Young Leaders.’

In short, what do you do?

In my role, I work with the entire Clayco enterprise to shift the culture of the construction jobsite through the implementation of innovative programs, inclusive processes, training, and development. One of the most exciting branches of my role is the support from executive leadership to create custom solutions that address the specific goals and objectives of each company through the lenses of diversity and inclusion on the project site. My role affords me the opportunity to interface with our office staff through recruiting, training, development opportunities, and retention efforts.

Tell our readers about your Field Focus program and some of the success stories:

Clayco’s Field Focus program was brought forth as a solution to create a jobsite culture on all projects that celebrates the existing workforce and also supports the future and safety of the construction industry through Training, Retention, Investment, and Promotion (T.R.I.P.). While Field Focus serves everyone on the project, my office places a special emphasis on the growth and development of minorities, women, and apprentices. The collaboration of Clayco field leadership and the risk management, alongside our subcontractor partners use Field Focus to bring awareness to mental health and suicide prevention practices on Clayco’s projects – helping to increase worker psychological safety and mitigate risk factors directly tied to the safety and productivity of our most valued assets, construction tradespersons.

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