Owner of America’s Choice Construction Services Sentenced to Prison Time

By on April 14, 2019

From KMOV4:  The Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns consumers to be extremely cautious when dealing with America’s Choice Construction because customers said they have paid for work that was not completed.

“In most cases, [people] paid him a down payment of ran advanced fee for the work and he just either never showed up or began the work and then disappeared and nobody seems to know where he is now,” said Bill Smith of the BBB.

Owner Kelly F. Mullins and his company are under investigation after recent complaints from customers across the St. Louis region. Christine Cronin of St. Louis said she hired Mullin’s company to install a deck and fence. The total cost of the project was $6,600, but after Cronin paid Mullins $3,340 up front he never showed up to do the work.

“After a month went by of him saying tomorrow and later, I just asked him to cancel and he obliged but he never gave me my money back,” said Cronin.

The BBB tried for months to reach Mullins to get him to respond to complaints against his company, but they have been unable to find him or get him to respond to letters and emails. However, Mullins contacted News 4 after seeing the story about his company.

In an email, Mullins admitted to making mistakes and said, “I have gone through some incredible personal stuff. I had a terrible ex-business partner and I’m trying to make amends with the people that I still need to take care of.” Mullins wen on to say he plans to pay back the money he took from customers for work her never finished.

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