New Road and Bridge Funding Plan Surfaces in Missouri Senate

By on April 8, 2019

From St. Louis Post-Dispatch:  A new plan to boost spending on roads and bridges in Missouri is expected to surface as early as Tuesday as Gov. Mike Parson and legislative leaders work to find a transportation solution after voters turned down a gas tax hike in November.

Without the added revenue from a 10-cent per gallon, phased-in gasoline tax increase, Parson asked lawmakers to allow him to borrow $350 million to repair 200-plus bridges, including three in the St. Louis region.

The Republican-controlled House balked at the borrowing plan and instead approved a budget that earmarks $100 million out of the state’s general checkbook for additional road construction.

Now, Senate leaders are expected to outline a middle ground with a combination of new spending and a shorter borrowing window.

With a Senate committee scheduled to take up the House budget for the first time on Tuesday, the Post-Dispatch has learned that Senate President Pro Tem Dave Schatz, R-Sullivan, is expected to introduce changes designed to give both sides some of what they are seeking.

Instead of a $100 million outlay, the new money would amount to an estimated $56 million. That would be combined with $350 million in borrowing, but with a shorter payback period.

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