Nearmap Uses Plans to Offer High-Res Aerial Map Views for Construction

By on March 11, 2019

From Equipment World:  As many construction firms go to drone technology for site mapping, Australian-based company Nearmap is offering an advanced, digital take on a more traditional form of aerial photography: airplane flyovers.

The Australian-based company flies over 72 percent of the U.S. population up to three times a year with plane-mounted cameras. It offers high-resolution aerial views, including 3D views, of metropolitan areas for various industries, including construction and paving contractors.

Nearmap also provides tools that can digitally measure area, radius and even building width and height on its 3D aerial views. And unlike deploying a drone, the service doesn’t require you to leave the office.

During the 2019 World of Asphalt show in Indianapolis in February, Nearmap global director of customer engagement Mike St. Louis discussed the services his company provides. He used as an example a hypothetical project to repave the parking lot of Lucas Oil Stadium, home to the Indianapolis Colts.

To prepare a bid for the project, the contractor can pull up the image of the parking lot with the Nearmap service. This can be done by searching the address or typing in the stadium’s name.

The view is similar to what you would see on Google Earth; however, the high-resolution Nearmap image is much clearer.

“Our imagery is four times clearer than free satellite imagery,” St. Louis says. The maps provide a 3-inch or less ground sampling distance, for 3 inches per pixel.

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