Nailing Seamless Program Management

By on February 8, 2018

From Burns & McDonnell’s BenchMark Program management has been pulling the strings to deliver a large volume of complex projects for companies and utilities across varying industries worldwide for decades. From renovating multiple terminals at a busy commercial airport to overhauling the water infrastructure of a city, program management is a proven stress-reliever, saving time and money while reducing risk. But how can the program management mold be tailored to each unique set of challenges?

What Is the Program Management Mold?

Program management is — in application and practice — a fluid project delivery service that groups similar projects in coordinated fashion for a range of industries, from power to transportation and aviation to water. However, it can require knowledge, skills, tools and techniques not always available to a customer in-house or within the scope of capability.

“It’s a flexible program solution that can adjust for a client’s specific need or requirement,” says Bob Wolfe, the program management director at Burns & McDonnell. “We can adjust our staffing levels based on a client’s internal resource capacity or timeline of the program. For example, if a client would prefer to manage permitting in-house, we are flexible and experienced in integrating those resources to help manage consistency across the board. On any project, it’s critical to help make sure that the project has one voice and that the team works in line with the same project goals.”

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