Move to Expand Port Authority – Key to Funding St. Louis Soccer Stadium – May Face Delay

By on December 6, 2018

From St. Louis Post-Dispatch:  The city’s development agency, responding to pressure from a contingent of aldermen, may delay expansion of the St. Louis Port Authority for a week.

But even critics say the bill in front of the Board of Aldermen — which is also proposed to help pay for a Major League Soccer stadium — still has enough votes to pass next week, before the board breaks for the holidays.

St. Louis Development Corporation chief Otis Williams said that he had proposed a bill that would give aldermen more power in the port authority expansion, in hopes it would appease a few city legislators, and perhaps turn some votes.

“We’re trying to do good, here,” he said Wednesday.

The effort to expand the boundaries of the port authority stalled at the board last month after questions about oversight of the economic development body.

The city has been working since at least January to expand the authority’s jurisdiction from the 19 miles of Mississippi River frontage to the entire city. The port can issue bonds, contract for services and buy real estate; it wants to be able to use those powers citywide.

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