Maintenance Maximizes Parking Structure Investment

By on November 7, 2018

From Terracon:  by Michael Phifer

When we park our vehicles in a parking deck structure, we don’t typically think about the safety of the structure itself. Fully exposed to the elements in addition to facing the added wear of vehicle loads, parking garages can present unique maintenance challenges. Having a comprehensive maintenance program in place provides owners with routine and preventive measures to verify their parking structure remains functional throughout its service life, creating safe structures, and maximizing the investment.

Identifying Common Issues

The long-term useful service life of a garage relies on the proper specification and construction of the structure, and on the implementation of a periodic maintenance plan. For the construction of new parking structures our teams provide engineering design and review services. We also offer material specification and laboratory services to make sure that proper materials are incorporated at project sites. By implementing a regular maintenance plan you can minimize premature deterioration that can lead to expensive repairs, inconvenience, and safety issues.

For existing parking garages, routine and preventive maintenance begins with a detailed survey of the structure to identify any concerns including cracks, spalls (the results of water damaging the material), sealant joint deterioration, leaks, corrosion of reinforcing steel and structural steel members, and clogged drains. These concerns are recorded and assigned a priority rating for corrective action based on their severity. For example, sealant joint deterioration would typically be assigned a lower priority rating than structural distress and overhead spalling of concrete cover, which could potentially become dislodged and create a life safety risk.

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