It’s a Wrap! System Allows All-Weather Work

By on September 22, 2016

Rob Smith did the math on days lost to bad weather and the picture was ugly. Smith is chief of operations for Champaign, IL-based ACR Advanced Commercial Roofing and TSI Commercial Floor Covering.

“It was raining on so many days it wasn’t funny,”  he said. “In Central Illinois we have 121 days of precipitation. We don’t roof when there’s a 20 percent or greater chance of rain.” Pile winter weather on top of that and Smith’s 150 roofers couldn’t work almost half the year.

He started doing some research and discovered a scaffolding-based building enclosure developed by the German Company Layher. “It’s being used in Europe because of the long winters,” he said.

Today’s accelerated schedules — both in the Europe and U.S. are another reason for the system’s acceptance in those places.

“Twenty years ago, they gave you two years to build a building,” he said. “Now it can be a year or less.”

ACR erects a steel frame around and above building projects. A sheet “roof” can be draped over the top, sheltering workers. Translucent panels can be mounted on the sides sheltering workers from wind and allowing the unfinished project to be heated.  The company is marketing the system in the Midwest under the brand “The Roofers Roof“.  Brian Hardman, vice president of sales for ACR/TSI, is representing the system as it makes its entry into the St. Louis market.

The concept is simple: Based on individual project specifications, Roofer’s Roof supplies a scaffolding-supported tent designed for the specific job. If the contractor wishes, the tent can be enclosed and heated or ventilated to create a climate-controlled environment, and the scaffolding can be used by masonry, window and other contractors, reducing their own set-up and labor costs.

The advantage of hiring Roofers Roof, Smith said, is that his company overcomes the barriers that originally slowed the product’s entry into the U.S. “Nobody was actually doing this because it’s such a large outlay of working capital.” His firm is also bringing trained erectors and insurance for the system to the table.

“Right now we are installing them as fast as we can get the product,” Smith said.




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