Iron Workers Local 396 Sister Featured on Cover of National Trade Magazine

By on November 28, 2018

From The Labor Tribune:  This year, the Iron Workers are leading the industry in diversity and inclusion with their Be That One Guy campaign. With women iron workers numbering approximately 2,000 of the iron worker membership, the percentage of women in the iron workers is under two percent.

Women are extremely underrepresented in the building trades as a whole; 97 percent of the workforce is male. Women in the building trades are working hard to break down the perception that they’re working a man’s job.


Lisa Kientzy, a fourth-year apprentice with Iron Workers Local 396 in St. Louis, was featured on the cover of the September issue of The Ironworker. She understands the increasing number of women working in the trades is transforming the tone of the workplace.

“Women on the jobsite are changing the dynamic of the job,” Kientzy said. “So why should they be treated any differently when working side by side with their male co-workers?”

The typical scenario that leads to harassment, bullying or intimidation begins with someone on the jobsite teasing, touching and threatening and/or being demeaning and demanding. The worker being harassed knows their job (and reputation) is at risk if they speak up and they lack the power or authority to stop the harassment from happening.

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