Freight Assets, Workforce Availability and Cost of Living Cited as Reasons Some Companies are Choosing to Locate Operations in the St. Louis Region

By on February 8, 2018

From St. Louis Regional Freightway:  A job-ready workforce, lower cost of living, premier freight assets, growth potential and a lack of traffic congestion compared to other U.S. cities are among the top reasons given by several companies in the logistics industry as to why they have established businesses operations in the St. Louis, Missouri region. Representatives from Procter & Gamble, DNJ Intermodal Services, LLC, and Giltner St. Louis participated in a recent panel discussion hosted by the St. Louis Regional Freightway. In addition to transportation, trucking and manufacturing sector participation, representatives from the Missouri Department of Transportation and the St. Louis Development Corporation took part in the panel discussion on January 17 in St. Louis.

Procter & Gamble has operations in southwestern Illinois and eastern Missouri on both sides of the Mississippi River, with a manufacturing plant located in St. Louis, Missouri, and a distribution center in Edwardsville, Illinois.  Cascade, Febreze, Swiffer household cleaning products and many other household items are manufactured at the St. Louis plant, and everything from Vicks VapoRub and Head & Shoulders shampoo to Metamucil are shipped out of the Edwardsville distribution center.

Herbert Hall, Product Supply Warehouse Leader for Procter & Gamble’s operations in the St. Louis region, oversees three-million square feet of space and the movement of several hundred trucks a day. He indicated there is potential for even more growth.

“We have purchased land next to our North St. Louis facility for expansion,” Hall said during the panel discussion. “The labor workforce, freight availability and the cost of living are good here, but seeing improvements to key road infrastructure will be a big win for us.” He explained that road improvements are necessary to address issues such as street flooding on Riverview Drive near Procter & Gamble’s manufacturing plant. Lane or street closures force inbound and outbound truck drivers to have to find a different route to cross the Mississippi River, and those detours can cost time as well as more fuel.

“The trucking industry really likes St. Louis,” said Brad Reinhardt, President of Giltner St. Louis. “There’s not a lot of congestion, and having no tolls is a huge advantage to the trucking industry.” Freight is readily available to be moved. He said trucks hauling freight into the region can easily pick up additional product for the outbound trips.

Reinhardt said Giltner St. Louis is an asset-based logistics company, and the trucks he is moving in and out of the St. Louis area are among 400 trucks Giltner has on the move coast-to-coast. He said his business provides solutions to help customers from various industries transport their freight.

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