Forest Park Parkway Bridge Reopened November 2

By on November 9, 2018

From Washington University’s Campus Next:  On Friday, Nov. 2, the Forest Park Parkway bridge will be fully open to pedestrian and cyclist traffic. Stairs to the Academy Building and University Drive also will open at this time. The new bridge separates pedestrians and cyclists into two “lanes,” providing each with their own dedicated pathway.

The sidewalk running along Forest Park Parkway, beneath the bridge, will reopen no later than Monday, Nov. 12. Through the end of November, contractors will continue to work in the area to complete the installation of architectural finishes.

In May, Washington University in St. Louis began construction of a new bridge to replace the current pedestrian and cyclist bridge spanning Forest Park Parkway. The new bridge will be wider and safer.

While construction on campus each summer is the norm, the bridge replacement project is unique: It begins on campus, crosses a major arterial roadway and electric urban rail service (MetroLink), then terminates between two residential neighborhoods.

On Monday, Oct. 8, half of the bridge’s width was opened for pedestrian and cyclist use. This portion will remain accessible until the entire width of the bridge is complete later in the month. During this time, cyclists are asked to dismount and walk bikes across the path.

We apologize for the inconvenience and disruption caused by the construction and outage.

“We know that construction on the bridge at any time — though especially at the start of a new academic year — is inconvenient and disruptive to all who rely on it to get to campus,” said JD Long, associate vice chancellor for facilities at Washington University. “Our thanks to our students, faculty, staff and neighbors for their patience during this process.”

During construction, those traveling to the Danforth Campus on foot or by bicycle from the north should allow for additional travel time.

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