Eliminate Estimating Mistakes With These 4 Strategies

By on October 16, 2018

From Procore Jobsite:  Estimating mistakes cost contractors plenty. And, with the demand from customers for estimates on-the-fly, the chances of missing the mark increase dramatically. Try this FLOW strategy to stop making estimating mistakes.

1. Fit Yourself with the Right Tools

On-the-spot estimates are risky, but today’s want-it-now consumers often expect them. So the best approach is using a familiar estimating tool that matches your estimating style. It’s also important to use a checklist, either one incorporated into the tool, or a separate one. The checklist contains all the critical aspects you must consider to avoid surprises once the work begins.

Here are examples of what to include:

  • Dimensions calculated correctly (because there are nine cubic feet in a cubic yard).
  • Specific materials (because there’s a $5 difference between a $5 tile and a $10 tile).
  • Access and environment (because close quarters, lack of parking, heavily-trafficked streets, and the nursing home next door all present challenges that don’t affect the work directly, but have everything to do with the work).
  • Unknowns (because the wall really is load bearing and there still are galvanized pipes in buildings).

Your checklist will evolve over time as you run into other surprises, so by keeping it up-to-date, you have an instant memory jogger. It’ll help you include everything, even as your potential clients pace back and forth waiting for a number.

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