Drury’s Demolition by Neglect in FPSE

By on March 18, 2019

From NextSTL:  A six-family at 4559 Oakland Avenue is coming down thanks to demolition by neglect. The rear wall collapsed so it “had” to come down. A $29,800 demolition permit was issued February 25th. A $3,316 permit for tap destroy was issued as well. Perhaps it could have been stabilized for $33k, but the point was to get rid of the building, not save it.

Drury Development Corporation and Charles Drury own it and 27 other properties in the neighborhood. Drury planned a hotel at the northwest corner of the neighborhood 10 years ago. It bought options for properties then bought them outright- 15 of them in 2014. Since then it has sat on the properties letting them decline while FPSE has been booming with rehabs and new construction. The view from Kingshighway belies the incredible investment going on in the neighborhood behind.

Drury has been trying to demolish 1092 S Kingshighway since 2016. Park Central Development would approve the demolition with strings attached.

From their August, 29, 2017 meeting agenda:

  1. All debris totally cleared from site no later than thirty days after completion of demolition.
  2. Landscape treatment of newly vacated 1092-94 S. Kingshighway and adjoining 4575 Oakland to include grass, trees and shrubbery, and to be installed before December 2017.
  3. Landscape maintenance to include regular watering , mowing, trimming, and removal and replacement of any dead trees and shrubs.

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