Distracted Drivers are Dangerous to Construction Crews

By on January 11, 2019

From KSDK:  If you commute around the St. Louis metro, you have probably noticed the ongoing construction.

The zones can come up quickly, and drivers need to pay extra attention.

On Monday, 5 On Your Side talked to a MoDOT engineer who took a direct hit from a distracted driver.

“You get jolted forward and immediately back into your seat when the seatbelt kicks in. It’s just kind of a rush of adrenaline, panic, and the feeling of ‘What’s going on?'”

Frank Shadwell was driving a truck with a MoDOT crew cleaning up debris on Friday when a pickup truck slammed into him on I-270 near Gravois.

“I looked to my left and watched the truck hit, and as I looked over to my right, the truck flipped out into the lane and spun around, and landed back on top of the TMA on the back of the truck,” he said.

The TMA, or truck mount attenuator, absorbed much of the shock from the crash, otherwise, the outcome could have been much worse.

MoDOT said it has technology at most work zones to protect workers.

“It causes a problem in these situations because people can see us, we have our lights going and everything like that, but they don’t realize we’re moving 10 miles an hour when they’re moving 70 miles an hour,” said District Engineer Bob Becker.

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