CRB Engineer Lanuza Joins STL’s Mosaic

By on September 22, 2015

Teresa Lanuza is an inspiring young woman from Nicaragua who recently joined CRB as an electrical engineer.  She moved from her home country to St. Louis in 2011 and chose St. Louis University for her college experience where she studied electrical engineering and worked in the international services office.

Teresa was recently featured on the Mosaic Project website. Mosaic is an organization with the stated goal of placing St. Louis in the top ten in the United States in immigrant population by the year 2020.

The Mosaic site story reported:

In 2011, Teresa Lanuza left her home country of Nicaragua to come to the United States to pursue her college education. After doing some research on universities, Teresa decided that Saint Louis University (SLU) was the best fit for everything she was looking for in a college experience, and she received a scholarship to support her undergraduate studies. Having never visited the Midwestern United States before, she enthusiastically ventured to the new city of St. Louis to start her journey as an international student studying electrical engineering.

All of Teresa’s family members back home were engineers, so she cannot exactly pinpoint when she decided she wanted to pursue that career path as well. “I really enjoy engineering because it’s fun to be able to see how things that you work on actually become functional,” she explains.

Soon after hMosiacComer arrival at SLU, Teresa began working at the international services office, a job that ultimately shaped her undergraduate experience and perspective. The office serves all international students, working to register them into the school system, keep track of visa logistics, and assisting with administrative needs. As an international student herself, she is grateful for the experience to learn relevant skills and information. “I learned a lot about immigration and international student logistics,” she explains. “Also, I became really close with all of the people working in the office.”

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