County’s Comprehensive Plan Draft Should be Ready by Spring

By on January 19, 2018

From The Telegraph:  A new comprehensive plan for Madison County could be finished by the spring and be acted on by the county in early summer, according to a consultant working on the project.

Stephen Ibendahl, of the I5 Group, was one of several officials representing the county’s Planning and Development Department at an open house in Bethalto Tuesday. Additional meetings are set for Wednesday, and next Tuesday.

The plan is the county’s official land use guide and is used to develop zoning and other regulations.

Only a few people came out for the early part of Tuesday’s meeting. Ibendahl said the cold weather would probably cut attendance.

James Donahue, of Cottage Hills, came out because he wanted to “see what was going on.”

“It’s all interesting,” he said. “I try to keep up with things.”

Donahue added that he was especially interested in how the county is expected to grow.

Charlie Yancey, of Fosterburg, is part of the commission working on the plan, and wanted to see how it was going.

“This is where we live,” he said, adding that the emphasis is on “encouragement of proper development and code enforcement.”

“This plan is a lot clearer and more concise in general,” he said. “There is a greater emphasis on concentrating growth toward where there are urban areas rather than scattering subdivisions willy-nilly all over the countryside.”

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