Construction to Begin on Central West End MetroLink Station Platform Extension

By on August 9, 2018

From Citizens for Modern Transit:  Construction is set to begin on the CWE MetroLink Station including extension of the platform to increase capacity.   The platform will remain open during the project which is expected to take about six months to complete, but temporary closures may be necessary at times. Advance notice will be provided for Metro riders if temporary closures are required.

The walkway between the MetroLink Platform and MetroBus area will be closed starting August 20 for the duration of the construction project. Metro riders who transfer between MetroLink and MetroBus at the Central West End Station will be able to access the MetroBus area in the parking garage from Children’s Place and will access the MetroLink platform via Euclid Avenue. Metro Shuttles will transport riders who need assistance traveling between Euclid Avenue and the MetroBus area at Children’s Place and Taylor Avenue. Metro recommends riders transferring between MetroBus and MetroLink at the Central West End Station to allow an extra 10 minutes for their commutes.

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