Commentary: Paul McKee, ‘City’s Most Important Developer’

By on June 8, 2018

From St. Louis Business Journal:  by William Lacy Clay

I read last week’s editorial in the St. Louis Business Journal with great concern. They advocated that the city step away from its partnership with Paul McKee and the NorthSide Regeneration development. They raised questions about some tax credit transactions that certainly deserve some explanation, but we shouldn’t overreact. The appropriate review will dictate the proper response.

Throughout my entire life, I have watched with dismay as the city’s development bureaucracies (now embodied in the St. Louis Development Corp.) have repeatedly turned a blind eye to their responsibility to assist responsible and sustainable economic progress for the citizens of north St. Louis. While I appreciate and encourage any investment in our city, too often, SLDC has favored development south of an imaginary line that has left north St. Louis to languish.

SLDC only looks to north St. Louis, it seems, when it must build low-income housing or, more recently, for the relocation of a homeless shelter. That is the “development” relegated for north St. Louis — the relocation of 200 high-acuity homeless males away from the central business district.

This is not a new phenomenon. North St. Louis has received second-class treatment for more than 50 years, and the resulting widespread blight and decay comes as no surprise.

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