Clayco Featured in New York Times Augmented Reality Article

By on December 7, 2018

Clayco’s use of augmented reality, including work at Pfizer in St. Louis was featured prominently in an article in the New York Times .

The Times reported: 

“Builders and architects can also adjust a building’s design midway through the development. Clayco, a construction and engineering firm, is using A.R. headsets for this purpose while building a research and development facility for Pfizer in St. Louis. Supervisors periodically walk through the building site wearing A.R. glasses that lay construction models over what has been built to determine where small changes need to be made.

Clayco is using A.R. headsets to allow architects and builders to adjust a building’s design midway through the development.

“‘We can see that this patch of floor needs to be leveled a bit or this wall needs to be adjusted,’ said Tomislav Zigo, a vice president for virtual design and construction at Clayco.

“But determining the exact time or money saved by these technologies can be imprecise.

“‘It’s always hard to put a price tag on a problem you manage to avoid,’Mr. Zigo said. ‘But a one-hour walk-through can replace multiple high-level meetings, and we can catch problems and fix them before the building is complete. Changes after cost much more.’”

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