City Foundry STL Bringing New Life to Something Old in Midtown St. Louis

By on November 28, 2018

From KSDK:  There’s a beehive of activity at City Foundry STL.

“I don’t think St Louis has any idea of what we’re doing here,” said Steven Smith.

Dirt is moving. Sparks are flying.

“Almost a half a million square feet of development we’re doing inside the site,” said Smith, who is the developer.

They’re in the early stage”This thing has tremendous potential,” Smith added, and he’s the visionary. “The excitement is to take something that many people can’t see or throw or tear down and say this is worthless and actually turn it into something innovative and interesting.”s of City Foundry STL.

They’re taking the old Century Electric Foundry complex and making it new again.

“Quite frankly don’t know for sure what all this stuff did at one time, but we’re going to preserve it,” Smith said, pointing to a series of pipes and rusted items inside the old building.

The plans and renderings show a building full of shops and places to eat and drink mixed into the industrial workings.

“You can overlook the food hall which is right there,” Smith said from a second-story overlook.

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