Chesterfield Envisions Possible Boundary Changes

By on February 11, 2018

From West Newsmagazine:  The city of Chesterfield thinks it may be a good idea to consider changing some boundaries with two of its neighbors – Creve Coeur and Town & Country. The possibility of annexing an entire community such as Clarkson Valley and another adjoining area may not be a bad idea either.

Any such changes are far from certainty but the Chesterfield City Council will consider including them in a filing with the Boundary Commission, a body established by state law to review all proposals affecting the borders of incorporated and unincorporated areas in St. Louis County.

The Commission operates on a six-year cycle that includes a map plan phase and a proposal phase. Under the current cycle, municipalities have until July 1 to submit map plans reserving the right to pursue annexation during the proposal phase.

Including a proposed boundary change in a map plan doesn’t mean a municipality is obligated to pursue a revision. But any possible alterations not included now can’t be proposed again for another six years.

In addition, most boundary changes must receive Commission approval, as well as the okay of voters in the affected area.

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