Building for Good Times: Reed Cordish Talks Cordish Cos. Strategy

By on January 11, 2019

From ConstructionDive:  The Cordish Cos. has built a big part of its development business around the fact that Americans love to have a good time, especially when it comes to sporting events. The company’s Live! developments — like the $250 million Texas Live! entertainment district in Arlington, Texas, which, for instance, is strategically located between the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium and the Texas Rangers’ future home, the $1 billion Globe Life Park — serve both as a game day draw and a destination for both locals and visitors looking to enjoy themselves in the offseason.

Reed Cordish, company principal and partner, made time to talk to Construction Dive about the development of these projects, the planning for a $2.5 billion, riverfront mixed-use district around the Jaguars NFL stadium in Jacksonville, Florida, and the approach the firm takes to the construction process and the involvement of local contractors.

You don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy a Live! development, do you?

REED CORDISH: That’s right. We broaden the spectrum of people who are coming out to these areas. We’re taking something — a stadium or arena district — that traditionally has only been vibrant when there’s a game or a concert, and we’re making it vibrant 365 days a year. Everyone has ownership of it. It becomes like the living room for that community. It’s a place where they go to celebrate or to watch a big game or to just have fun. And it works perfectly for the people who are going to the events at the stadium district because they start coming earlier and staying later, making it a full experience, which is terrific as well.

So more than just a replacement for tailgating?

CORDISH: Right. We use entertainment to create that energy and to get people going to these areas all the time, and then we build from there and create a best-in-class microcity — residential, hotel, office — around it. So at the core is entertainment, and then we create these really great mixed-used city developments and it all becomes a true neighborhood.

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