Better Together Uses ‘Magic Numbers’: How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

By on February 8, 2019

Editor’s Note: Ray Hartmann, who founded the Riverfront Times in 1977, longtime stalwart of “Donnybrook,” and until recently publisher of St. Louis Magazine, recently sold his interest in STLMAG and returned to the RFT as a columnist. His first column is a doozy — typical Ray, in which he skewers both the math and the premise behind Better Together’s structural governmental realignment and “statistical city”.

by Ray Hartmann

From the Riverfront Times: St. Louis is about to kick some serious civic butt. We are going to blow by dozens of the nation’s cities as if they were driving a Prius at Gateway Motorsports Park.

Yes sir, we’re bouncing back from oblivion, no more murder-capital reputation, no more Ferguson image, no more stagnant-Midwestern-city nonsense. Nope. We’re on our way back to the top-ten cities in the U.S., with slashed crime rates to boot, just like magic.
And how are we going to do this? Easy. We’ve doing it with new math. Funky new math, admittedly, and we will need a shotgun wedding of the city and county, with Missourians living outside those two entities holding the firearm. Also, we’ll need to do quite a bit of lying. But the important thing is the math.

Right now, about a million people live in St. Louis County and roughly 300,000 reside in the city. Simple arithmetic: 1 million plus 300,000 equals 1.3 million people. In November 2020, according to a new plan rolled out over the past month by the nonprofit Better Together, Missourians statewide would vote to force their merger — likely over the locals’ screaming objections — into a new 1.3 million-inhabitant juggernaut.

The Post-Dispatch is over the moon:

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