AUDIO FILE: Forum Metro Regionalism Analyst David Rusk Appears on KMOX

By on March 11, 2019

KMOX Host Mark Reardon invited David Rusk, metropolitan regionalism expert and Construction Forum speaker and analyst, to appear on his afternoon program on March 6. A complete audio file of that interview is available for playback by clicking the play button in the image of David Rusk below.

Mr. Rusk just completed the second of a series of white papers he is preparing for the Forum analyzing the proposal recently put forward by Better Together.David Rusk is a former mayor of Albuquerque, New Mexico legislator, and federal official who has consulted on regional issues in over 130 metropolitan areas in the USA as well as in Canada, Germany, England, South Africa and The Netherlands. He is author of Cities without Suburbs (4th edition 2012), called “the bible of the regionalism movement,” and three other books.

Mr. Rusk began analyzing the Better Together report for ConstructForSTL as soon as it was issued. In his series of white papers he will be drilling down into items ranging from savings from consolidation, to size and ranking of the “statistical city”, economic development, planning and zoning, bond ratings, taxation, political representation, and Metropolitan Council composition.

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