Ameren Missouri Accelerating Infrastructure Upgrades in Missouri

By on October 8, 2018

As a direct result of Ameren Missouri’s Smart Energy Plan, made possible by a new state law, the company is accelerating upgrades of more than $1 billion in grid projects throughout Missouri, which translates to thousands of additional jobs throughout Missouri.

To meet project demands, Ameren has launched a new online contractor qualification web page to assist potential contractors, who are interested in bidding on Ameren projects.

“Contractors play an important role in Ameren’s workforce, and we rely heavily on maintaining an expansive list of contractors to meet the company’s growing project needs,” said Mark Brandt, Senior Director, Supply Services, Ameren.  “This new online qualification process should provide additional opportunities for contractors looking to get pre-qualified for work.”

The Smart Energy Plan was developed to implement customer benefits related to a new energy law that went in effect in late August. In addition to more than $1 billion in infrastructure upgrades, starting in 2019 the plan also includes a 6% rate cut, a rate freeze until 2020 and hard rate caps, along with economic development rate incentives and provisions to expand clean energy through solar.

Ameren Missouri is interested in contractors who specialize in Directional Boring Services, Hydro Excavation Services, Underground Cabling Installation Services, Underground Duct Bank Installation Service and Overhead Line Electrical Installation Services. Contractors interested in starting the pre-qualification process should visit


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