AGC STL BIM Forum to Highlight Modularization/BIM Intersect

By on June 11, 2019

St. Louis builders have been increasingly employing modularization techniques to deal with congested sites and tight schedules.

A key component of this process is the use of BIM models to ensure that the components and scheduling will work effectively. At AGC of America’s BIM Forum, scheduled to be held in St. Louis Sept. 16-18. A case study at the BIM conference will highlight the use of this technology.

The case study, presented by John Cribbs, assistant professor at Wentworth Institute of Technology, highlights efforts to coordinate off-site, prefabricated components prior to installation in a congested project environment. The research explores various digital and model-centric workflows and the resultant labor time utilization rates associated with each design-to-install process.

Cribbs will show that observations during the research demonstrate the importance for accurate and reliable existing conditions capture throughout the construction process and sets the groundwork for model turnover and use post construction. Results of the research identified a modeling process which leverages the generation of trusted and accurate geometry to enhance the digital construction life-cycle and improve site-wide labor time utilization.

The case study process highlighted focuses on multi-trade prefabrication, but the ideals can be scaled to meet the requirements of any job-site. A focused discussion revolving around digital content management and information hand offs will highlight the impacts of schedule changes on project progress. This discussion will culminate in findings which validate the idea of dynamically scheduling multi-trade prefabrication activities to allow for just-in-time modeling efforts. The result is accurate and timely delivery and installation of coordinated, pre-manufactured components.

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