What if there was a room big enough for EVERYONE in the St. Louis construction industry to meet, build relationships, exchange ideas, and work on mutual problems? Now there is. Construction Forum STL was created to be a “room without walls” where the entire industry could participate in building relationships and working on issues large and small. We believe that when the construction community comes together to network, discuss ideas, and share information we are all better for it.
The Forum intends to make full use of social media, public networking events, and its website to enable those objectives.


Lawrence Group's Steve Smith

Lawrence Group’s Steve Smith speaks at a Forum event.

The Forum is modeled after the TED Conferences (www.ted.com) in the broader world and Design Intelligence (www.di.net ) in the AEC community. Both of those organizations have enabled people of wildly divergent backgrounds to forge relationships and exchange ideas. The only “rules” governing where Construction Forum STL goes are inclusion of all individuals and ideas and civility in discussion.
Construction Forum STL has no dues. “Members” are anyone who wants to participate in the Forum’s programming.


Networking in the courtyard of Sun Theater.

Networking at a Forum event at the Sun Theater.

Construction Forum STL is a Missouri not-for-profit corporation, and as such has no “owner” per se. A board of directors provide the legal governance structure and a board of advisors provide guidance for the Forum’s programs and initiatives.



Sponsors fund the programming of the Forum. In return, they receive name recognition in conjunction with quality programming. Sponsors are not involved in deciding the content of the programs, website, or discussion group.

WHY IS THE FORUM’S DISCUSSION GROUP ON LINKEDIN? IS LINKEDIN INVOLVED IN THE GROUP? The Forum’s founders had extensive experience with LinkedIn. The connection allows the Forum to disseminate its information more broadly than would otherwise be possible. LinkedIn involvement also provides a measure of security and civility in the discussion that takes place. LinkedIn and the Forum have no contractual or financial connection.

IS CONSTRUCTION FORUM STL IN COMPETITION WITH INDUSTRY ASSOCIATIONS? Decidedly NOT. If anything, the Forum intends to assist associations in communicating information about their initiatives. By not having an “agenda” of its own, the Forum is free to include ALL points of view in its events and discussions.

IMG_3537WHY DO THE FORUM’S FOUNDERS AND ADVISORS THINK THAT THEY CAN “SOLVE” PROBLEMS THAT OTHERS HAVE BEEN WORKING ON FOR DECADES?The short answer is, “they DON’T.” But the founders DO believe that a big part of resolving tough issues like diversity, political divisions, contract environment, and labor is understanding the other person on a one-to-one level. And the more people and ideas that are involved, the more relevant the discussion becomes – sort of a “big data” approach.

WHAT’S SO SPECIAL ABOUT THE CONSTRUCTFORSTL.ORG WEBSITE? ConstructForSTL.org is designed to be an “aggregator” of all-things-construction in St. Louis. As such, it will include links to mentions in other media – locally and nationally; current news about people, companies, ideas, labor, and projects; plus white papers, videos, job openings, bid opportunities… anything that Forum participants find to be of value.