3 Ways Experienced Healthcare Builders are Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Value

By on November 1, 2018

From St. Louis Business Journal:  Finding an experienced healthcare builder in today’s construction market can be daunting given the expansive compliance requirements when adding on to, or building a new structure.

As profit margins shrink for many healthcare facilities, public and private owners are looking for key insights to help avoid the numerous pitfalls involved in building these highly technical structures.

Active campuses and safety plans

A vast majority of construction happening within the healthcare sector today include additions or renovations to outdated structures. These construction sites have to maintain a strict level of safety and precaution while construction is underway. Without proper planning between the contractor and the healthcare facility, these active campuses can be extremely dangerous.

According to their website, the Interim Life Safety Measures, or ILSM, are put in place to protect the safety of patients, visitors, and staff who work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Because construction and maintenance activities can impact the facility’s life safety systems, the Joint Commission requires facilities to develop extensive plans to protect the safety and health of patients by compensating for hazards.

These plans include daily checklists that have to be maintained in order for the project to progress safely and efficiently. For example, measures in this plan would include alternate routes for fire escape since construction will typically disrupt the usual flow of foot traffic in the facility. Measures are also put into place in case of water or electricity interruption. It is critical in these kinds of facilities that neither of those resources shut down at any time.

“When safety measures are skipped or corners get cut, the project can be hit with significant delays or even shut down completely,” says Stephanie Jeffries, a project executive for PARIC Corporation. Jeffries has over 23 years of experience in the construction industry with over 17 of those years focused within the healthcare sector. She has overseen nearly $1 billion in projects and has served as both an owners rep and a project executive on the contractors side.

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