27+ Sites Across Region Under Study for Amazon Bid

By on September 28, 2017

From St. Louis Post-Dispatch:  At least 27 sites across the St. Louis area have been proposed to economic development officials for possible inclusion in a regional bid for Amazon’s $5 billion second headquarters, according to a list released Thursday.

Also released was the scoring system being used by the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership to rank the locations on various points Amazon says it will consider. The actual rankings have yet to be completed.

Among sites on the list are two areas mentioned Wednesday by partnership CEO Sheila Sweeney as a major possibility for inclusion in the Amazon bid: downtown St. Louis including a soon-to-be-empty, 44-story AT&T office tower and the city’s north riverfront.

Sweeney on Thursday said the site selection team is seriously considering linking those two St. Louis sites with vacant land in East St. Louis just across the Mississippi River as a potential joint proposal to Amazon.

“It’s creative, it’s regional, it shows cooperation, light rail is there,” Sweeney said. However, she said “it’s premature to say it’s the leading possibility until we have all the data in and analyzed.”

The site list and weighting formula were released by St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann.

The list includes eight sites in St. Charles County, including one proposed by St. Charles along the Missouri River near the Bangert Island recreation area.

Ehlmann said an area near the WingHaven development in O’Fallon, Mo. is among other sites proposed in his county.

Among other sites across the metro area include the North Park-Express Scripts area and Plumbers and Pipefitters Union complex in north St. Louis County, midtown St. Louis near St. Louis University, the old MetLife campus in south St. Louis County, the former Chrysler plant area in Fenton and the old Monsanto plant and Pruitt-Igoe sites in St. Louis.

The list from Metro East includes locations in Edwardsville, Collinsville, O’Fallon and Pontoon Beach.

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