2019 AGC President Dirk Elsperman: Education is Key to Stronger Industry

By on April 11, 2019

From Constructor Magazine:  Technology has always disrupted the construction industry. Think of the impact of reinforced concrete, the mechanical excavator or, more recently, building information modelling (BIM) – a process for construction and collaboration using a data-rich 3D design model. Each has changed existing practices. But what happens when multiple disruptive technologies arrive simultaneously? That is what is looming for the industry, and the implications could be monumental. Perhaps even a shift in the industry’s historic dynamic of “high-risk, low-margin” to “low-risk, high-margin” that many seek.

Read more about the Era of Connection for Construction:  https://autodesk.com/solutions/bim/hub/bim-transforming-risk-and-margins-in-construction.

The Associated General Contractors of America is where you learn to run a construction company, and we want to make it accessible to as many construction professionals as possible. Therefore, our theme for the coming year is AGC: The University of Construction®.

The educational opportunities within AGC of America are endless. There are the traditional learning outlets like the association’s top-notch AMP, PMP, PDMP, STP, BIM and Lean courses with curricula developed and taught by industry practitioners, but these programs represent just a fraction of the learning that is available through your involvement in AGC of America.

The people we meet through AGC of America are our professors, teaching what it really takes to run a construction business. Their classrooms are the meetings, hallways and receptions where we interact. They help us avoid costly mistakes, understand new techniques and determine the new technologies that are worth the price and those that aren’t. AGC provides a nationwide network where each of us is a member of both the faculty and the student body.

The benefits of this education based on real-world industry experiences are invaluable. They far outweigh the time and tuition/dues investments made by member firms.

Whether you lace up shoes that have steel tips or wingtips, wear a suit coat or a high-vis vest, don a hard hat or a neck tie, AGC is the place where the members of the construction industry come together to improve the sector and help members thrive.

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