Group Hoping to Bring MLS to St. Louis Reports Progress

By on June 30, 2016

From St. Louis Post-Dispatch:  It’s been more than five months since the NFL approved the Rams leaving for Los Angeles, an event that served as the impetus for a renewed push to bring another team in another sport, Major League Soccer, to St. Louis. It’s been more than four months since a group of prominent local businessmen and sports executives formed a group, MLS2STL, to coordinate the search for an ownership group to bring a team here.

While groups in other cities have made splashes with well-funded owners announcing interest in an MLS team, there hasn’t been much news on the St. Louis front. But within the group working to bring a team here, optimism continues.

“I wouldn’t take the lack of fireworks to be misunderstood as a lack of activity,” said Jim Woodcock, global sports co-lead and senior vice president at FleishmanHillard, who is a member and spokesman for MLS2STL. “We’ve had a lot of discussions, a lot of progress. There’s a long, long way to go but the arrows are pointing positively. We hope that will continue in the short term.”

MLS2STL is not an ownership group, but was set up to facilitate a potential owner who had interest in bringing a team here, while also giving the league someone to go to when it received inquiries about a team.

While no announcement is imminent on potential owners or an ownership group, Woodcock said there have been discussions with a “very strong, viable candidate. That doesn’t discount the potential of other candidates coming forward or groups coming back stronger.”

The potential owner has met with MLS officials, but the discussions haven’t gotten to the point where anyone involved wants to go public.

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