Drone Footage of Apple Campus 2 Shows Considerable Progress

By on February 29, 2016

From dna India:  Progress on Apple’s new headquarters is steadily carrying on, as we can see from drone footage released yesterday a couple of days ago. We’ve seen drone footage of the Apple Campus 2 under construction before, but it’s come a long way since.

Shot by Dadid Sinfield using a DJI drone, the new video shows us some fully-formed buildings, complete with reflective glass windows, as well as a completed structural layout for the remainder. Last year, all we could see was a concrete ring marking the outer border of the project. The Apple Campus 2 was announced to have a “Spaceship Ring”, a subterranean tunnel network connecting various parts of the facility by road, two over-ground parking garages topped with solar panels, and an underground 120,000-square-foot theater house. The HQ is expected to house 12,000 Apple employees once it’s completed, supposedly, later this year.

See amazing drone footage here.



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