11 Reasons to Start a Business in St. Louis Right Now

By on September 5, 2018

From Livability:  Ready to start the business of your dreams in an affordable city bursting with creativity and startup energy? St. Louis is the place to make it happen.

“Being an entrepreneur in St. Louis right now reminds me of what it felt like to be an entrepreneur in Silicon Alley in New York in the mid 1990s,” says Andrew Smith, Vice President of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the St. Louis Regional Chamber. “The sense of community, the momentum, the breadth of opportunity — it’s really just a great place to be.”

Need a little more convincing? Here are 11 reasons St. Louis is the ideal place to build and grow your business.

1. There are plenty of incubators.

St. Louis is home to a whopping 19 startup incubators and 11 accelerators. Organizations like Accelerate St. Louis and T-REX, a nonprofit focused on St. Louis economic growth, are ready and waiting to help you get your business on its feet. In addition to helping your company grow, these valuable organizations provide ongoing community, brainstorming, and funding opportunities.

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