“State of the Union”: Three Years of PEOPLE, Prompt Pay

By on February 20, 2017

by Ron Unterreiner, PEOPLE

After the first year of running the PEOPLE meetings, I decided to write what I called The State of the Union of PEOPLE. It was a listing of our accomplishments and a statement of where we planned to go in the coming years. I thought it was a pretty stirring piece actually and like most STATE OF THE UNION messages probably made us look better than we really were.

Now after three full years of PEOPLE meetings of all sorts, maybe it is time to once again assess our accomplishments with this PEOPLE thing. I think anytime you sit down and really think through what you are doing currently and why you are doing it; it helps bring you back to the real reasons you started the non-organization in the first place.

For those just tuning in, PEOPLE is a very simple concept. Our sole purpose in life is to provide a meeting venue where the diverse PEOPLE of construction can get together with the majority contractors and meet each other, talk it up and laugh it up with each other, maybe share some food and drink together and quite simply, get to know each other better. General contractors like to work with subs they know and love and trust and subs like to work with GC’s they know and love and trust—end of story.  Now obviously, the ultimate goal of PEOPLE was to take all this talking and laughing and eating and drinking together and turn it into working together on meaningful jobs on meaningful construction sites.

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