On the Trail: Why a Bid to Publicly Fund a Soccer Stadium Faltered in STL

By on April 6, 2017

From St. Louis Public Radio:  Once St. Louis voters dashed his hopes of bringing Major League Soccer to the city, Dave Peacock didn’t make much of an attempt to modulate his tone.

“Well, I’m just pissed — I don’t care what these guys say,” said Peacock, who was part of the ownership group SC STL. “Losing sucks.”

It’s fair to say that lots of pro soccer fans shared Peacock’s salty sentiments after voters on Tuesday struck down Proposition 2, which would have put $60 million in taxpayer money toward building a stadium.

SC STL’s Jim Kavanaugh said there was no “Plan B,” and said Wednesday in a statement that the defeat is “likely the final stage of our journey.”

Both the vote totals and parting comments from supporters and detractors of Prop 2 paint a fairly clear picture of why it didn’t pass.

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