Krewson, Stenger Weigh In On Regional Cooperation, Crime, Workforce Development

By on July 5, 2017

From St. Louis Business Journal:  St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson and St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger on Thursday responded to issues facing the region — talks of a city/county unification, crime and poverty, workforce development, and how the two civic leaders can work better together to advance the region.

The pair discussed the issues during a Meet the Leaders breakfast program hosted by the Business Journal and sponsored by AT&T. The following are excerpts of what the two had to say about the various challenges facing the region.

Question: The St. Louis region’s population growth is stagnant. How can we reverse that trend?

Stenger: Economic development is key to reversing trend we’ve been experiencing for decades. It won’t reverse overnight. In order to grow population, we have to be an attractor of some kind. A great way to attract people is to have jobs for them and well-paying careers. We focus on four general strategies: improving connectivity between established and emerging businesses; inclusion and diversity, global connectivity and workforce development.

Krewson: The key is to have jobs, jobs and more jobs, but also have a community where people want to live. There is a trend where people are moving back to urban areas. But they have to be safe and have housing people want to live in. Another path is to welcome our immigrant population. We’ve had some success in that area but more success is needed.

Question: How are you addressing poverty and crime?

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