Intrada Lofts Project to Offer Multi-Generational Low-Income Housing (Q&A)

By on March 6, 2017

From nextSTL:  Coming soon to the NE corner of Grand and Holly Hills… Intrada. The much-anticipated renovation of a long neglected corner of our neighborhood is now underway. I posed some questions to Stacy Jurado Miller, Co-Founder and Supportive Housing Developer with the Vecino Group, the new owners of the property, to better understand their vision.

Q: What’s the history or meaning behind the name Vecino Group?

Vecino is the Spanish word for “neighbor.” The name of our company was rooted in our belief that human connection has the power to change the world. We liked “The Vecino Group” because both the words Vecino and Group spoke to the collaborative approach we seek in the development/design process and in the completed work. So far, it has been worth all the times we have to spell out “V-E-C-I-N-O” after people say, “The Casino Group?”

Q: When and why did you start Vecino Group and what was your first project?

The Vecino Group began in 2011. We say we started at the intersection of experience and idealism. Two of the founding members—Matt Miller and Kim Buche—both had decades-long experience in real estate development. The third founding member—me—contributed a passionate belief that housing could and should be a means to address social issues beyond housing. From day one, we wanted the Vecino Group to be about something more. Whatever we did, whatever project we went after, had to maximize the potential for positive impact. So if affordable housing was good, supportive housing for special needs populations was greater. If student living was good, rehabbing a historic building into a shared, sustainability-focused community was greater. By seeking greater, our growth got good. In the past five years, we’ve gone from three people to thirty. We’ve completed six developments and have five more under construction.

The Vecino Group’s first project was called The Frisco. Located in Springfield, MO, the Frisco is a 68-unit affordable housing development providing Urban Living for All. The Frisco was a gut rehab of the historic Landmark building and was the first Universally Designed multifamily housing development in Springfield, MO.

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