Geometry in Construction, ‘AMPED’ Algebra Have Students Excited About Math

By on April 17, 2017

From Rockwood School District News:  Starting next school year, ninth-grade Algebra I and tenth-grade geometry students in Rockwood will design, build, and sell things they make using some of the concepts they learn in class.

It will provide an opportunity for ​​Rockwood high school math teachers to answer the age-old student question, “Will I ever use this in real life?”

They will use it before the end of the semester.

AMPED stands for “Algebra 1 in Manufacturing Processes, Entrepreneurship and Design.” Geometry in Construction is just what it suggests. In late February, Rockwood administrators and teachers attended a professional learning conference on AMPED and Geometry in Construction.

Both classes will help students use math concepts in a trade.

Lisa Lingle is Rockwood Secondary Math Facilitator.

“We saw students in Geometry in Construction class actually building a house on site for Habitat for Humanity,” said Lingle. “They started with a lesson in the classroom tied to some of the geometry concepts they are working on, and they actually applied them as they built the house. Students were installing windows when we were there.”

Lingle said at Rockwood the new courses will bring together a math teacher and a CTE (Career and Technical Education) teacher, who will co-teach a blocked class period. For AMPED it will be a business teacher paired with a math teacher. Geometry in Construction will pair math and construction teachers.

“Our project will be a t-shirt business,” said Lingle. “Students will actually get jobs and orders from an outside vendor or within the school district to design, manufacture and print the t-shirts. They have to decide on costs. They’re going to run the business component of that, so they have to figure in all the things that are going to make them profitable. They’re learning all the algebra concepts as they create equations that would demonstrate they’re going to show a profit.”

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