Audio: Dick Fleming on Kicking the Growth Ball Down the Field

By on April 17, 2017

Following the voter defeat of funding for a proposed MLS soccer stadium, former St. Louis Regional Chamber leader Dick Fleming was interviewed by KMOX Radio. Fleming, now CEO of the Cortex-based Community Development Ventures, Inc., sent along a audio copy of his interview by email to, with the following comments:

“Following the failed soccer vote in the recent City of St. Louis election, KMOX reporter Michael Calhoun stopped by my office to discuss the broader context of economic & entrepreneurial development momentum and potential in St. Louis.

“Appropriately enough, Michael’s interview aired on his weekly broadcast called ‘Nothing Impossible.’

“In the interview, I took the occasion to point out the progress and unfulfilled potentials of such issues as CORTEX, the $1.75-billion new NGA HQ at NorthSide Regeneration, the opportunities to “connect” NGA and NorthSide Regeneration with Downtown St. Louis, Cortex and Grand Center (as we articulated to NGA Director Robert Cardillo and to the White House in convincing the NGA to stay and expand in the City, rather than relocating to a corn field 40 miles away in another state).    Copy attached from our civic campaign.

“(I) Also referenced the civic challenge which incoming Mayor Lyda Krewson presented in her election night acceptance speech that we ‘should set our civic sights higher in our City,’ as we both deal with St. Louis’ challenges and pursue our opportunities.  Her remarks reminded me of the campaign theme on which Mayor Federico Peña ran in his succeeding a 16-year incumbent mayor in Denver; namely, to ‘Imagine a Great City’.

“That turned out quite well for us in Denver during his eight years as mayor.”

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